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Handmade Bikes: The Buyer, The Builder, the Bling (Movie and Story)

THE MOVIE (15 mins): On Facebook: Shot with  Galfromdownunder CrayolaCam (8 mp point & shoot camera, iMovie, no really) THE STORY in MOMENTUM MAGAZINE (Jan/Feb 2011, begins page 29):  specifically: Thanks to Babbling Brook Productions for this very nice comment on YouTube:  This is a great video that really captures the experience of appreciating handmade bicycles. From describing the artistic details of handmade bikes such as the head tube badge, lug work and paint, to the experience of having a bike built for a specific riding purpose, this tells the story. The time spent with the builders in their shop really lets you in to the work of hand building bike frames. If you're interested in hand built bikes, this video nails it!!! TO ACCOMPANY a piece called &quo

Downward Dog Days: Yoga/Pilates for Cyclists Sampler Workshop

SIGN UP for this workshop here or if you can't abide Facebook, here . Caught mid Warrior II on Arizona Desert Camp 2010, where I taught a daily Yoga for Cyclists class.   See a shot clip . By cyclists, for cyclists ... I'm going to be doing a workshop in January in collaboration with Pilates teacher and cyclist Karin Fantus. For the yogaphobic and pilates-curious, it's a little back-to-back intro for newbies that demonstrates flexibility techniques (yoga), resistence techniques (pilates) and core strength (both). Karin Fantus with a client in her pilates studio Details below. It's sponsored by the New York Cycle Club, which is always coming up with fun and interesting ideas for its members - the last one was a group visit to the Bespoke Handmade Bicycles Show at MAD. You can sign up on my Facebook Event page , which will simply help organize responses and let you post questions and comments ... or, if you can't access that for some reason, there&#