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Citibike NYC: the cross-town taxi you drive yourself

The key to the city ... for 45 mins at a time I caved. I have officially joined the Citibike program recently introduced in New York City. Now why on earth would a die-hard foldie with two perfectly good, fast and fancy folders in her closet do something like that? What, no helmet? At least my Traffic Cone Bag will help keep me alive Convenience with a "C" First, there are times when you are across town on foot, and you want to get back quickly without resorting to the expense of a cab, the lethargy of a bus or the claustrophobic cram of the subway. Second, it saves my own bikes from wear and tear, especially when it's a bit damp out there.  Grit and road grime are the enemy of tiny New York apartment spaces where your bed and kitchen and living area are often one and the same. On that note, lucky the few who have dedicated downstairs bike storage in Manhattan ... Third, it's a great workout. Think of a pedal powered Leopard tank. Ev