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Pole Dancing 101: Submitting our term paper

The Foetal: As performed by the expert Tamara. One mis-timed knee placement leads to a nice black bruise ... PHOTO GALLERY: All 6 lessons - yes, the whole pole! MOVIE CLIPS: Lesson 4: our progress thus far Lesson 6: the Final Exam! YEOOOWWW. I've got a large black bruise on my left knee from a poorly timed leg-over during the 'Extended Foetal' move (see photo, minus me and bruise). Not to mentioned a giant nimbostratus on my right inner thigh from attempting 'Upside Down' no-hands ... Our 6 week Beginner Poledancing course is all over bar the fat lady swinging - with legs in flying V formation of course (the 'Reach for the Stars' move). I honestly thought I'd be blogging our progress each week, but when not gripping the drop bars on my Bike Friday, my keyboard fingers have been busy clutching our 50 cm diameter, demountable chrome dance pole, now lovingly installed smack in the middle of our teensy living room. We learned well over 20 moves plu