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[VIDEO] Snow York City!

VIDEO:  Shot by the Galfromdownunder on the corner of 23rd St and 8th Ave NYC.  Music by Honest Charlie, sampled live in Tucson, AZ.  THERE'S a perpetually problematic corner on 23rd St and 8th Avenue in Manhattan. And I'm not referring to the stalwart sales associates handing out the Rite Aid and eyebrow threading leaflets either.  In torrential rain, this corner becomes a deep, impassable twin lake, causing pedestrians to walk an extra block, give pause, or if they're lucky to be wearing the ubiquitous Manhattan Hunter rubber boot (women only), slosh smugly right on through. When it snows, it becomes a glacier and lake combined - necessitating some mini mountain climbing (see video). Squint your eyes to block out the buildings, street and yellow cabs and you can almost imagine you're in watching National Geographic documentary on Greenland - before global warming set in. I have no idea why the city hasn't brought in a truck with some concrete to build t