Yoga: Thank you Glenn Martin and!

Namaste! Today I received 6 yoga blocks and 6 blankets thanks to the kind donation by Bike Friday Customer Glenn Martin (pictured mid-Vasisthasana on Arizona Camp 2010) and a kind price break by (As I said in my last yoga post, the ex-studio mats were donated by Laughing Lotus and my training was by Joschi Yoga Institute).

It's gratifying to know that a dot com with a word like "direct" in it still has some human intervention to do special things for special people. Thank you Yoga Direct. The special people I'm referring to are the seniors at the Hudson Guild Community Center where I am volunteering a weekly yoga class.

So far I've done 2 classes. Abilities range from belly dancers to someone in a wheelchair. It's really making me think about what really works for different bodily limitations. A lady with problematic feet could not do Downdog. We did Navasana (boat poses) instead - like a Down Dog upside down - no pressure on her feet at all.
I always ask if they have blood pressure problems - in which case the head must be kept above the heart.
No one seems to report that issue.

The blankets and blocks help elevate the spine above the thighs to encourage people's backs to be straighter. There is a noticeable roundedness in shoulders and upper back.

I observed the excellent Thursday Chair Yoga class, too. There's a lot you can do with a chair! But I want my class to be the bridge between a Vinyasa mat class and a Chair yoga class. Something in between to aspire to.

I also have some sequences for Samuel, who is in a wheelchair - if ever he turns up.

I teach at 1pm every Wednesday in the Guild Gallery, 119 9th Ave, Chelsea, NYC. I'll be in Arizona and Eugene March 5-23. I hope this doesn't make people forget! Things take time and patience to

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YogaMaendy said…
Thanks so much for your kind words!!! So happy you like our blocks :)

Sounds like you are doing some really great things - so inspiring :) Keep up the goodness - namaste!
Anonymous said…
How kind of all of you, the teacher, yoga equipment donator, and store!

What goes around, comes around! Here, it is all good.

Mary Jo C.
Glenn said…
Why thank me? You are doing all of the work!

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