NY Comic-Con: a glimpse at the Industry of Delight

VIDEO: My brief swan around just a tiny corner of the cavernous Comic-Con convention at the Javitz Center. 


Oink la Rouge by Goran Lelas
My lighthearted,  recent FastCompany post on Executive Toys drew a nice little perk: Tenacious Toys, online purveyor of little G-rated adult toys in plastic, vinyl and plush, invited me to the final Sunday mayhem of Comi-Con 2010, a sprawling frenzy of comic and toy fantasy and fandom attracting thousands of strangely dressed people.

Believe it or not, while some executives are having board (bored?) meetings about C&C machined parts on combine harvesters, others are passing around models of a plastic Labbit (Chinglish/Japlish for "rabbit") with a smoke drooping from its non-existent mouth. Or baby vampire dolls drinking blood from bottles. Or strange animals made from what looks like a fluffy toilet seat cover, with impossibly giant noses. That kind of thing. 
Slander Snake by Joe Ledbetter

I saved myself $45 on the entry fee thanks to Benny Kline (Tenacious Toys) kindly offering a "Professional pass" but ended up blowing $130 on stuff I have no room for but couldn't resist. Like a pig with a giant cerise nose by StrangeCo/MOMA/Goran Lelas for $5. And a small snake called Slander by a Joe Ledbetter that opens up to reveal the mouse it ate for lunch. And a t-shirt that read "Drama Free Zone, 50 meters ahead", sold to me by a man wearing a thong down the middle of his face that he claimed was to protect Zombies from eating your brain. That kind of thing. Plus a cool dress from Animated Closet that I plan to dazzle my next client with.

May The Thong Be With You: Zombies will not eat my brain! 
 It seems that with a lot of toys under $10, they are a little treat - like a manicure - most people can still afford - even in the thick of the recession. Hell, I bought an affordable little painting last week too. Am I descending into some kind of second - or maybe first - childhood? Bring it on!

Speaking of recession, I'd like to issue a challenge to toy designers - how about designing a little good luck amulet for jobseekers?  One to take to an interview tucked inside your handkerchief pocket, or perhaps brazenly on your zipper pull: "May The Force of Gainful Employment Be With You." I bet you would sell a bunch. Well, at least a few benefit check's worth...

G-Ra akak Gayle Middleton of Vamplets.com
I also want to thank Gayle Middleton aka G-Ra of vamplets.com (pictured right) for letting me store my pink folding bike in the pizza-shaped space behind her booth. It was so very tightly packed in the aisles, the parking space was a godsend. Perhaps the princess pink color swayed her, which matched her bambino-vampire-Goth getup perfectly ..


tenacious toys said…
Lynette this was a GREAT video! I appreciate your enthusiasm and your in-depth coverage! I may have to invite you back next year for more of the same! I have reposted my facebook feed!
Unknown said…
I really like this video, gives a great glimpse into NYCC for those that have never been there! Also great to have a little understanding into the designer vinyl toy world; I wish I can say a lot more on the video, but I'm just glad to get my point across! Thanks Lynette for adding me in the video!

As for your challenge of designing a good luck amulet for job seekers, that would be a cool idea; perhaps a small lucky cat figure or good luck kanji symbol. I'd love to explore that more and if any company wants to produce it, holla at me!

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